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-The noise is a high-pitched whine (not whistle) that changes pitch with engine RPM.Innegra sleeve
In neutral, I can rev the engine as much as I want and it does NOT make the noise. Putting it in reverse-it does NOT make any noise. I have replaced the idler pulley, belt tension pulley and serpentine belt but this made no difference.

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Oct 03, 2019 · A bad torque convertercan cause a whining sound when starting your vehicle. A good place to start would be to check the transmission fluid. You’re going to want to check it for both color, and metal content. If you see any flecks of metal on there, it is probably going to need serviced.

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Jun 22, 2020 · high revving NA engine: chuy21: Engine, Exhaust, Transmission: 30: 09-14-2014 08:33 AM: Engine shaking/vibrations at 1700rpm - when in neutral/idle: kharn83: Issues | Warranty | Recalls / TSB: 9: 11-07-2013 11:00 PM: Engine noise free revving or under load: heeltoe86: Issues | Warranty | Recalls / TSB: 4: 04-29-2013 01:58 AM: Moving in neutral ...

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I replaced my engine oil with Amsoil 5W-30 and my transmission fluid with the Amsoil one, too. I've noticed that since, there is a much louder whine from the car when revving up. I'm not too sure if it's the transmission as I heard it when revving in neutral, too.

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9 neutral ignition map (active in neutral) neutral fuel map (active in neutral) 9,500 spark cut/30 0 launch ignition map launch fuel map 10,500 / 10,200 spark cut/30 date revision record 4/04/2017 release-1 (fwe008.4.07) standard rev limit: 9,800 18/08/2017 release-2 (fwe008.4.07) change the ect fuel trim timout from 10 to 30 seconds

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The sound is the same when coasting in gear or in neutral. It only seems to get a bit quieter when accelerating. It doesn't sound like an aerodynamic thing to me, it is definitely coming from somewhere in the engine bay or power train.

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Dec 31, 2017 · You need to be more specific, and tell us where the noise is coming from. Within the cabin, most often it is the AC/Heat fan, sometimes with a leaf or stuck in it or possibly going bad.

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Sep 09, 2015 · Whining noise from engine, while in neutral but revving & accelerating, in gear coasting and slowing down (without breaking) ? My car has recently started to make a high pitched whine at instant revs (from idle) whether it be in neutral or in gear, it also whines when I m i leave it in gear but I m coasting (foot off accelerator).

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May 30, 2014 · If you are in neutral, the wheels will not turn the engine, so the engine has to send fuel to the combustion chambers to maintain idle RPM so that the engine doesn’t stall. You can see this...

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Jul 28, 2008 · FWIW, I had a '96 Olds Cutlass with the 3.4L Twin Cam engine. It had a neutral rev limiter at 4,000rpm. Engine would just cut out at that point. I guess to protect from accidental full throttle reving or high rev neutral drops into gear. The redline on that engine was in the 6,500 rpm range. Ed B.

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Jul 02, 2009 · Hi, had this problem since yesterday. Basically, its a quiet but really high pitched whining noise coming from the engine I think? everytime I rev whilst stood still or accelarate, but when idle it doesnt happen.

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