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Sep 13, 2015 · 2010 Vette Stock Bottom LS3 - LS2 APS Twin Turbo Kit, Trick Flow Heads and Custom Cam - 12psi - 714rwhp and 820rwtq / 100hp Nitrous Shot starting at 3000 rpms - 948rwhp and 1044rwtq still on 93 2011 Vette Cam Only Internal Mod in stock LS3 -- YSI @ 18psi - 811rwhp on 93 / 926rwhp on E60 & 1008rwhp with a 50 shot of nitrous all through a 6L80 Spoof google pay
The head flows 303 cfm on the intakes at .600? lift, which is about 70 cfm better than the stock LS head. The heads have a 12-degree valve angle, with intake ports that have been raised .220?. Trick Flow's newest product is their Twisted Wedge Race 195 cylinder head for modular Ford engines.

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How do the 23* Trick Flow heads match up with the AFR's? By Bolt-on I mean the off the shelf unported version of the head "as is" sold from the manufacturer. I know someone is going to say with a bowl cleanup the 23* TFS flow as good or better...

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I have a Trick Flow top end kit that is currently being used in a 350 in my S10 Blazer that includes a set of Trick Flow 195 cc intake runner heads with 2.02 intake / 1.60 exhaust valves and 64 cc combustion chambers. They are the Kenny Duttweiler Signature Series CNC ported version.

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You have a few options here...383 is an excellent choice but the price starts climbing quickly with machine work etc. If you are sticking with the stock block, you can look to Advanced Inductions (AI) or Total Engine Airflow (TEA) to have your factory castings CNC'd to aftermarket flow rates pretty cheap....or you can luck out and find a used set of AFR or Trick Flow 220 heads.

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Aug 01, 2009 · Trick Flow's line of GenX cylinder heads offers an appropriate model for nearly every member of the LS engine family. Shown here is the company's LSX CNC-ported head. We all know now that those ...

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Trick Flow. Trick Flow Specialties is also offering an LS Series head but this one is designed for the LS3. Trick flow says, “We’ve combined the best features of GM’s LS3 and LS7 cylinder heads with its own race-winning engineering and technology to create the ultimate square port LS cylinder head.”

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Those people don't work at Trick Flow Specialties, a company that's made their reputation by doing things that the conventional wisdom said couldn't be done. TFS' new L92/LS3 heads feature a 6-bolt design for compatibility with the high-end blocks now available, offering improved clamping force for...

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Trick Flow engineers combined the best features of factory GM LS3 and LS7 cylinder heads with Trick Flow’s own unique brand of race-winning engineering and technology to create the ultimate square port LS cylinder head for 4.000" and larger bore engines—the GenX® 255.

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We test 11 different Chevrolet LS cylinder heads to see which one flows the most and produces the most hp and torque. In the past we've exceeded 700 hp with Trick Flow Specialties' 245 heads on a larger 454ci stroker, so we were eager to see how the GenX 235 heads fared on our 408.

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Sep 25, 2020 · Related products. SBC 230cc CNC ported Cylinder Heads $ 2,150.00 Add to cart SBC 205cc CNC Ported Cyliner head $ 1,899.00 Add to cart SBC 205cc CNC Ported Cyliner head $ 1,799.00 Add to cart

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Trick Flow GenX® 220 cylinder heads for GM 5.7L LS1 engines are the best value in GM LS performance. These cathedral port heads incorporate features of Trick Flow's fully CNC-ported LS heads such as 13.5° valve angles, decreased valve shrouding, increased mid-lift airflow, relocated...

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