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bluerose, can you say anything about these two asteroids in your synastry with ST? It sounds like you're new to it... have you noticed the Nessus/Dejanira themes at all? Also, thanks for the link! P.S. Nessus 7066, Dejanira 157How to connect laptop to sharp aquos tv hdmi
Anonymous i saw someone ask about Lilith contacts in synastry, what do you think about Lilith conjunct mars in an 8th house overlay (someone’s lilith in the 8th being contacted by someone’s mars) the conjunction is almost exact and Nessus is conjunct them too

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Apr 22, 2018 · Juno in synastry If you have your (potential) partner’s exact time of birth, you can find out if you two have any significant Juno aspects in your synastry chart. Juno in aspect between two people indicates a strong attachment; usually is the planet person the one that represents what Juno person in looking for in a relationship.

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Moon/Jupiter = Good for joint expansion, Might overestimate problems and difficulties in the relationship. Moon/Saturn = This can be constructive but it gives a heaviness to the relationship that might be depressing. Moon/Uranus = The excitement will increase with most people but the tension is also increased.

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Progressed Mars in Astrology Progressed Mars moves about one-half of a degree per year, and shows how your energy and drive evolves and changes as you get older.

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Chiron is increasingly gaining more attention both in natal and synastry charts lately. Personally, I tend to consider it quite an important influence both from my studies on other charts and from the influence I have found it holds in my life and in my relationships.

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<br>The Points Table Ascendant trine/opp Asc, Dsc, Moon, Sun, Saturn or Karma within 2 degrees orb is also valid. Easy to read book series – Sexual Astrology, Published a new E-book: Synastry – Sexual Attraction, Sexual Astrology Uncovered – through the 12 signs series 4 Books, Update to visitors and people who posted reactions/emails. Orbs: 3 degrees for Conjunction, 2 degrees for ...

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Strongest Compatibility in Synastry (weight 4) Sun conjunct Descendant 4 Sun conjunct or opposition Vertex 4 Sun conjunct North Node. 4 Sun hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 4 Sun in 7th house 4 Moon conjunct Descendant 4 Moon conjunct or opposition Vertex 4 Moon conjunct North Node 4 Moon hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon ...

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These are synastry overlay interpretations for Venus in the partner’s 4th, 5th, and 6th houses. (See instead: Venus overlays in 1st–3rd houses , or 7th–9th houses , or 10th–12th houses .) Venus in 4th House Synastry Overlay

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The fifth house of one’s personal horoscope is one of the most important houses for astrological interpretations. It is often cast aside as just a simple regular point in the zodiacal circle, but the truth is, it represents our personal sign of Leo and the place that pulls us strongly with its gravity, as our own individual Sun’s home.

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Mar 14, 2019 · Nessus is an Asteroid, numbered (7066). You can find it on diverse websites, my preferred one being - add additional objects in the "Extended charts" section. For Asteroids, the orb you use is 2°. That means, if your Sun is at 14°, Nessus forms an aspect if it’s located in between degrees 12° and 16°.

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This is one of the asteroids that does not have much importance in an individual birth chart because of its long orbit of around 123 years. This means that millions of people born within a roughly 10 year period will have it in the same Sign.

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