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All homework and project deliverables are due at the times shown in the Course Schedule. These times are subject to change so please check back often. Convert the times to your local times using a Time Zone Converter. Every homework assignment deliverable and every project deliverable comes with a 48-hour "grace period".

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World Map Geo JSON data. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Displaying Geo-Spatial Data with R - GitHub Pages

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Interactive maps with Bokeh¶ Our ultimate goal today is to learn few concepts how we can produce nice looking interactive maps using Geopandas and Bokeh such as: Accessibility by PT to Helsinki City center

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Aug 09, 2018 · This tutorial will teach you how to create a custom Google Maps based map for visualizing geographic statistical data. Such maps can be a useful tool when developing machine learning models. As a specific example case, we will create a map for visualizing the population density and median household income of postal code areas in Finland.

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Code and map update logs can be found on Github. Data // Building Outlines: LA County GIS Data Portal, Age Attributes LA County Assessor Local Roll (Note: There were buildings that had no data on the time they were built. They are shown, only greyed out.) This map uses WEBGL, which is optimized for Chrome and Firefox, Safari users need to ...

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Hi, I'm Rob, welcome to my site. I'm a data science manager, currently working in the finance industry on problems such as fraud detection, recommender models and MLOps.

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Introduction to geologic maps. A geologic map represents the distribution of rocks across the surface of the map area by drawing lines A geologic map also includes a variety of geologic information regarding the attitude of the rock units (their strike and dip) and the location of folds or...

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Animal facts - Canadian Geographic KidsLooking for information on a particular Canadian animal?Check out our Animal Facts Sheets! Print them out and collect them all, or just view them online! Also, don't forget to check out our kids games page andour Canada for Kids: Fun facts interactive map!

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Getting started. In this chapter, we will use a sample data set with lung cancer data for the 88 counties of the state of Ohio. This is a commonly used example in many texts that cover disease mapping and spatial statistics. 2 The data set is also included as one of the Center for Spatial Data Science example data sets and can be downloaded from the Ohio Lung Cancer Mortality page.

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I need to develop an application where I will display statistics on a map at county / town level. I had a look at the Google API, but the Geo Mapping is only at the country level. Has anyone seen a geo mapping API which can colour area of a map at county or town level? Thanks a lot.

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